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SATA cable, yellow , S-S, with latches


Serial ATA III Data Cable, 6G bps, is designed to improve air flow and less intrusive in the case. Serial ATA III cable is one of the fastest and the newest ATA III technology available today. Serial ATA III cables use less power than standard parallel ATA cable. Using serial signal transfer can keep a system cool and running smoothly because you only need a send and receive signal. Serial ATA III Data Cable can be used in servers and storage subsystems and compatible with Serial ATA Hard Drives, CD-RW, DVDs. Additional snap in will be provided by metal clips on the SATA connectors.

*SATA III specification ,reach 6G/S
*7pin plug straight to 7pin plug straight
*with secutity latches
*encoding: L-shape, for use with internal devices
*color: yellow
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